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November 25, 2013


Jane Balshaw

So beautiful Kay; as YOU are! I miss you! And I am honored that the gift you gave me of your grandmothers persimmon pudding recipe is now part of our holiday celebrations. (Although I am hard pressed to find the correct variety of persimmons here in New England) Love to all of you on Thanksgiving, Jane Hi MAX!

Kay Baumhefner

Oh, boy. And so are you, Jane! I love knowing that Grannie's pudding is making the greater rounds. Would so love to see you; we must arrange a phone chat. Full lives. Happy days. Hugs all around.

Max Baumhefner

Thanks Mom! Those words do still ring true.

You can anticipate a series of calls once I actually start cooking. :)

Kay Baumhefner

Good thing I have a headset now. I'll just have to keep the stereo remote handy so I can turn down the fired up cookin' music when you call. :-)

Brian Ballerini

beautifully written, how does one get a copy of the steamed persimon pudding recipe that is apparently making the rounds?

Kay Baumhefner

Thanks, Brian. And your inquiry has inspired my next blog post. Just need to put that vintage recipe into a readable format, and then you'll find it here on my website next week. Cheers!

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