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March 7, 2017


Sharon Olesky

Hi Kay,
I miss your classes, but love your too infrequent emails. Always some wonderful taste delight.
Persimmon is hard to come by in March unless you have a secret source.

Brian and I are leaving on the 19th with the Petaluma Gap Rhone River trip, any must see in Aix?

Kay Baumhefner

Thanks, Sharon! I'm delighted to hear you enjoy the blog posts. While involved in some other critical work projects in January and February this year, I took a temporary break from writing them. But I years ago decided on an every other week publishing schedule to provide a regular presence for readers without inundating their inboxes. So that's what you can normally continue to expect.
Re. the Casual Recipe: We had stored some persimmons with great success, but those pear varieties also provide a lovely alternative.
Re Aix: It's been years since we were last in Aix, but it's a lovely cafe society and artful city with a very lively farmers' market that also showcases gorgeous Provencal fabrics and tableware. Don't forget to buy some of their signature calissons to eat on the spot and pack to bring home and savor later for an extended sweet memory.
Bon Voyage!

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